Sunday, January 12, 2014

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year all!
After an amazing week on Maui with the family over the holidays, I am rested and ready to sew :)

I gathered a few ideas while lying on the sand on my pestemal. Stay tuned for handpainted pestemals with lovely, Hawaiian inspired designs in my new Blanc et Bleu shop on Etsy- all set up, but not yet open.
Last Spring, after poring incessantly over Natalie Chanin's three books (Alabama Stitch Book, Alabama Studio Style, and Alabama Studio Sewing + Design), I finally jumped over the fence, so to speak, and made a couple of outfits I could actually wear OUTSIDE the house. I made a sleeveless top, a bolero, and a skirt. I actually received a lot of compliments on those...
While looking for fabric last week- what else?!!!- I came upon this lovely dress pattern by a duo of very talented British designers - By Hand London. 
I spent a lot of time (A LOT) looking at pictures of this beautiful dress, and finally ordered the pattern, along with another one...why not...
Sadly the pattern is on back order, but this is an opportunity to look for fabric...I am leaning toward a black and white rayon for the maxi, and maybe a linen blend for the midi, and...
Apparently, you can't just make one of this dress... Yes, I have caught the By Hand London bug :)
Can't wait to show you the results. 
Happy New Year!