Saturday, January 3, 2015

Happy New Year

Happy New Year!

Much of my time during my holiday break was spent in the studio, first cleaning and reorganizing, then sewing...yay!
My main projects were a New Year's Eve Nettie dress for Julie- to be blogged as soon as I have pictures-, a couple of t-shirts, and the transformation of two sweaters I never wear into two cardis I certainly will!

There are many tutorials on repurposing sweaters into cardis with plenty of good advice.
I used my serger to finish the edges in the front and  I actually liked the results - the "lettuce leaf" edging- so I left them alone. The sleeves were super long, so I cut off the excess and the edges received the same serging treatment. I kept the ribbing just in case I get tired of the wavy edges and I want to finish them, which, ahem, I might do right after I finish this post.
The next project involved a black sweater that my mother knitted for me years ago... The yarn she used has a wonderful fluffy body. After washing and drying the sweater, you are suppposed to brush it for a soft fur effect. Alas, it is also a bit itchy and the sleeves were way too long. I cut them and reused the ribbing to finish them.
I used a 1" ribbon trim to finish the front edges, turned it under and topstiched for a nice, clean finish.

In addition, I finally finished my Gerard coat from "Republique du Chiffon". YAY! This is my second version of the Gerard. My first version is really a wearable muslin- very wearable indeed- because I had bought this wonderful, amazing, and quite expensive Donna Karan cashmere blend at Moods, but oh so worth it, and I wanted to test the pattern before I cut into my special fabric.
The pattern was a bit challenging for me- I consider myself an advanced beginner :)- but extremely well put together. Geraldine does not hold your hand during the process- the expectation is that you know how to sew- so you may want to read up on coat making techniques before you start- and a muslin is always a good idea. The language was not a problem (ha ha), and for the sewing techniques, I went to one of my favorite sewing blogs  and I followed Kelly's great advice  (including using silk charmeuse for the lining). Another must is Jen's tutorial on lining a jacket.

 Silk lining
 The reason it took me so long to finish the coat was that I could not find buttons I liked. I finally found them in a small "mercerie" in France during my November trip.
This coat is super warm and comfortable. It looks great with jeans or leggings, or a dress. A scarf is a must- at least for me this time of year- because of the opening in front.
I have a few (a FEW) sewing projects in mind for the near future, among others: the Chloe coat from La Maison Victor, Named's Magena Jumper, and the Chardon skirt by Deer and Doe.

What is on your sewing table for 2015?

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