Tuesday, October 6, 2015

A Bag and a Sierra Bra

I know, this is a strange title, but in the last couple of days, I have made a leather bag and a lace bra...
First, the bag. Beautiful black leather and brown trim... It is available here.

Next, the bra...
I used a free (FREE) pattern from Madalynne found here.
The Sierra  Bra is really easy to make and the design is quite clever. I decided to make two straps instead of a halter strap. I tried the halter strap but, unless you are wearing a halter top, it is going to show. So I made two straps and they feel great.
I used  white galloon lace  and notions from ArteCraft on Etsy. The bralette is very easy to make and
super-comfortable to wear.
I am ordering more galloon lace to make more Sierras in black, pink, gray, and lavender...
To make your own Sierra, go to Madalynne's website and follow the sew-alongs.
Thanks Madalynne :)

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