Sunday, March 29, 2015

Bags and more bags...

Last week being Spring Break, I had more time to sew - yay!
I made a couple of dresses based on the Nettie bodysuit as well as a sweatshirt, and a striped top (to be blogged later as my camera's battery just blanked out.)

A couple of new bags came out of the studio as well:
         - a really (REALLY) big travel bag,  the Voyager, made with brown wasxed canvas and burgundy leather
          - a large electric blue leather clutch, super soft lined in vintage kimono silk, and
          - my favorite, a square bottom Zen Bag, based on my original Zen Bag, only larger, and made with linen and scrumptious leather. I love the mix of soft leather and linen, simple but elegant...
Here are some pictures of the bags:
The Voyager

The Leather Clutch

The Square Zen Bag

See you soon with - hopefully- some pictures of my newest tops and dresses.

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